Steps for preparing your home for winter

If you are looking to sell your home this winter, or you just want to protect your home from the harsh elements, here are some suggestions:

1.      Clean the gutters.  Leaves, pine needles and even branches can spell trouble for your home. Clogged gutters do not allow the quick removal of all that rain the Pacific Northwest is known for, and it can cause damage to a home’s walls, soffits and fascia’s, as well as siding and basements.

2.      Protect your pipes.  If your attic, crawl spaces and garage have pipes that are not insulated, you should protect them from freezing. On particularly cold evenings you can leave water running a trickle from an inside faucet to make sure the pipes do not freeze. Check all of your faucets regularly throughout the winter season.

3.      Energy savings.  Remember to run your ceiling fans in reverse, change your air filter, and seal any leaks you might have in your windows, doorways and walls, letting in cold air.  These will keep your energy bill down and are good maintenance habits.

4.      Clean the chimney.  A blocked or damaged chimney is a potential fire hazard.  Have a professional clean it before the first frost.

5.      Yard work.  Put away any outdoor furniture you have, and rake up any fallen leaves so they don’t suffocate the lawn. Finally, store all of your gardening tools for the season so they don’t rust or wear down before the spring.

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