Brody Broker


Brody is a Western Washington native. He began investing in real estate in his early twenties. In 2004 he decided to put his personal experience as a real estate investor to work. He gave up his career as captain of a commercial fishing boat in the Bering Sea and went to work in real estate full time.

In 2006 he opened his own brokerage. As an owner Brody began his work in setting the high standards of professionalism and expertise that are the foundation of his career today. In 2009 his brokerage merged with Jace the Real Estate Company.

Brody has been the top selling individual agent in Clallam County ever since 2006.He is also the only agent that is consistently successful in commercial, residential, and land sales. He holds every major record for sales in Clallam County, and has far more experience in the last decade than any other agent in the market place today.
Family and faith play a large part in his life and when he’s not with his kids, or in the office, you’ll find him riding his mountain bike on a trail somewhere in Washington. 360.460.8483

Willie Hammond

Buyer's Agent

What Will loves most about real estate is meeting people and showing property. It’s been a part of his existence for 20 years as a land developer, consultant and salesman. He loves finding the property that people will fall in love with for all the right reasons. To be able to help someone gain their own little piece of the world means a lot to him.

Will understands that the Real Estate business isn’t a Monday to Friday job. He is available whenever his clients need him. Whether that is at his desk, walking lots with a plat map, or at the County office, he will find the information his clients are looking for.

The Olympic Peninsula has been his home for over 25 years and Will is happy to be raising his family here. There’s enough mountain biking, fishing, soccer and hiking to keep him busy for a very long time! People come and go, but Will believes there’s so much value in living in Sequim and on the Peninsula that he’ll do his best to show you why it’d be a good idea to stay. 360.461.1922

Mae Graves

Buyer's Agent

Mae is a former local business owner, interior design consultant and real estate investor. She was originally hired to assist top producing individual REALTOR (since 2006) Brody Broker in his high volume Real Estate business. That experience has proven to be invaluable as she moved from assistant to agent.

Mae has found that success as a buyer’s agent comes from simply loving what she does, having a passion for people, being available when questions arise and enjoying the process of discovery on each property she views. One simple practice she keeps is to answer her phone whenever possible!

When she is not assisting buyers or sellers with their real estate needs, Mae enjoys time with family and friends, good food, and inspiring hope to those around her. The Olympic Peninsula, Port Angeles and Sequim have been home for most of her life. 360.460.0965

Lisa Szumski

Buyer’s Agent

Lisa Szumski started her real estate career in Washington in 2005 and prior to moving to Sequim, she owned an Allstate Insurance Agency. Having spent most of her life in Michigan with the hot humid summers and cold snowy winters she feels blessed to have discovered the Olympic Peninsula and all that it has to offer. She is passionate about the outdoors and the move to the Pacific Northwest has been a natural fit.

Lisa enjoys working with people and helping them achieve their dreams. In her spare time she loves blessing others, meeting friends for lunch, taking family on adventures or hitting the trail to take her boxer for a hike in the woods.   

Whether you or someone you know is looking to buy, sell or invest I encourage you to contact Lisa. She is highly motivated and will offer honest, professional representation with integrity. She will make sure that new residents are welcome in a way that has become customary at Brody Broker Real Estate. 360.912.4153

Melanie Swagerty

Buyer’s Agent

Growing up as a native to the Sequim area, Melanie formed a deep love for her hometown and the many benefits it has to offer.  That’s why as an adult she and her husband chose to live here and raise a family. Her family has deep roots in the region contributing to the community as organic gardeners, nurses and industry workers. That’s why her decision to become a real estate agent in her beloved region seemed like a natural extension of her own family story!

She takes pride in her community and thoroughly enjoys sharing the reasons why it would be an honor to call the beautiful Olympic Peninsula home. Melanie takes such great care of her clients and with her intimate knowledge of Sequim and Port Angeles as well as her expertise and experience, you have a winning combination. 360.406.0379

Bryan Swagerty


Bryan was born and raised on the Olympic Peninsula as such he’s someone who truly understands the area and all that it has to offer. From his favorite spots like Lake Crescent and bike riding the Discovery Trail, he and his family enjoy all that our beautiful region has to offer!

He worked in the construction industry for over 20 years and enjoyed working hard to see the finished product. His experience has translated into having a strong work ethic and the ‘get it done’ attitude. He’ll work had for you and always strive to do what’s right even if that means not making a sale.

His greatest passion is being a dad to his four kids and spending his spare time enjoying the Olympic Peninsula with them and his wife, another local realtor with the Brody Broker team. 360.461.4999

Isaiah Dewan


Being born in Port Angeles and raised in Sequim, Isaiah didn’t have to look far to find paradise. The close knit community and beautiful scenery is why he couldn’t imagine calling anywhere else home.  Coming from a strong background in banking, your bet is always safe with him when it comes to smart investments and really getting your money’s worth. Isaiah has immense passion for helping people; whether it be finding them a home or volunteering his time, he’s driven by success and happiness of those around him.  Isaiah has worked for over 5 years doing construction and remodeling for his father’s construction company in Sequim and Port Angeles.

In his spare time, Isaiah loves to spend time with his family and friends. Throughout high school and college, he was actively involved in sports, creating a dynamic range of inclusion and team spirit. He’s brought that mentality to working with the Brody Broker team and pushes for a familial mindset in the office. Isaiah is a graduate of Peninsula College. Classes that Isaiah took in college concerning human development, interpersonal communication and the mind, as well as public speaking, drove him to work with the general public. Face to face interactions and meeting new people is what he loves to do, making real estate an easy career decision for him.

Working at Brody Broker Real Estate has really set the precedence of community culture and compassionate care standards that Isaiah holds very close in importance to his performance. Not many companies can say that they TRULY put their customer’s needs and wants first before anything else. Isaiah saw that in every single person that worked behind these doors. Isaiah plans to build lasting relationships and memories with people throughout the community, and his amazing team members, through many dedicated years of service. 360.461.2560

Paulette Helm

Business Manager

Paulette has a strong financial background which has included many titles such as, Business Owner, Controller, Adjunct Finance Instructor, Office Manager, Financial Analyst, Internal Auditor, Banker, Bookkeeper, and recently Real Estate Broker, but her favorite title is MOM.

Paulette and her husband moved to the Olympic Peninsula in 1992.  Growing up in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, she didn’t think there was any place more beautiful, until she began hiking throughout the Olympic National Park.  That is where you will most likely find her on her days off.

Paulette has always volunteered in her community, church, and local schools. She can attest to the fact that being in service to others makes you happy.  She loves children and teenagers and believes they are our future, so it is best to invest in them now.