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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

We know that you have many things to think about when listing your home. It’s our goal to help you attain the best and highest price possible, and to generate serious offers. Follow these steps to get your home ready for photos & showings and you’ll improve the attractiveness of your property.

Maximize the First Impression. Be critical of the exterior of the property.

  • Mow, edge, trim, weed, rake, sweep, prune. Pay attention to landscaping.
  • Keep the driveway clean & free of cars with the garage door closed.
  • Can you see the trash cans and garden hoses? Also, pick up after your pets.
  • As a buyer walks to your front door what do they see? No cobwebs, a clean front door and a nice potted plant? Repair any peeling paint, loose caulking or damaged roof shingles.

Remember these things

  • A buyer needs to be able to envision how they might live in your home. This means packing up personal photos & mementos and painting rooms a neutral color.
  • Buyers will be touring many homes. A home that is warm and inviting will leave a lasting impression.

Cleanliness Counts – Deep clean every room; it’s all about perceived value. Consider the senses- how does it look, smell, feel and sound. Buyers will know that you’ve taken good care of the home.

Repair – Anything that is broken; dripping faucets, cracked windows, leaks, squeaks and holes. Replace burned out light bulbs and fix damage to wallpaper or tiles.

Valuables – It’s best to remove items that hold high value (jewelry, artwork, firearms, etc) or that have personal value to you.

Arrange – Each room should have a specific purpose. Make the combo office/work-out room one or the other by removing extra furniture. People will look in your closets, cabinets and even the attic so keep every area orderly and neat. This is a good time to donate, have a garage sale, and start packing.

Making Your Kitchen Picture Perfect

  • Clear countertops of sponges, knives, towels, soap, etc. and leave only a small appliance to give a perception of size
  • Clean appliances well and remove everything from the refrigerator (magnets, towels, photos, etc.)
  • If your window has a view make sure it’s unobstructed – fully open the curtains, change them to a valance style, or remove them altogether
  • Clean the sink and any grout or tile
  • Remove any towels hanging on the oven or make sure they’re clean and folded
  • Replace burner pans if they’re badly stained & check exhaust fans and hoods
  • Straighten the pantry interior and other cabinets
  • Move pet dishes before taking pictures and also before a buyer’s visit

Create a Cozy Bedroom

  • Clear away the tops of dressers and leave only a few items such as a lamp or a vase of flowers. Stacks of books and magazines should be put away
  • Too much artwork will be a distraction, stand at the doorway and decide if anything needs to be moved or removed
  • Invest in new bedding if needed and store older, outdated items
  • Closets should be neat and clean. Over-stuffed closets will give the impression that there is not enough storage. Pack items that are out of season and keep the floor clear. People will look in your closets!
  • Think about re-arranging furniture or painting the walls a more neutral color
  • Clean ceiling fans, molding, window sills, vents, etc

A Beautiful Bathroom

  • Clean all surfaces including the mirror and windows
  • Remove personal items and toiletries. Remove rugs & toilet lid covers
  • Move the garbage can out of site when possible
  • Does the shower curtain need cleaning or replacing?
  • Paint and/or repair any cracks, mold issues, grout, etc. and re-caulk the tub if needed
  • Keep the toilet lid closed
  • Replace burned out lightbulbs
  • What should be displayed in the bathroom? Keep it simple; a nice picture, a bottle of hand soap or a fresh bar of soap, clean towels, a candle…

All Other Living Spaces

  • Clean ceiling fans and leave them off
  • Remove loose papers, magazines, etc
  • Remove evidence of pets
  • Keep décor as generic as possible
  • Maximize any views from a room – change a seating arrangement, adjust window coverings, etc
  • Clear away any coverings on tables and leave only a center display piece
  • Store any extra furniture if they make a room seem too small/crowded or find a better spot for it in another room
  • Only keep healthy plants, and again find a new spot for them if needed (a tall plant to an empty corner with a high ceiling)
  • Look at any shelves and bookcases – pack some things away
  • Take down some paintings. There should only be 1-2 pictures above a bed, one large piece on a wall or a smaller grouping of 2-4
  • That cute page from a coloring book by your 4 year old? Sadly enough, store it for your new home. Same goes for any “extras” hanging, laying, propped up ~ on hooks, bedposts, railings, and windowsills
  • Clean, Clear, Light and Bright. Move lamps to fix a dark corner, take away throw rugs, make windows sparkle

You only get one opportunity to make a good impression. The time spent preparing your home will improve your chances considerably of bringing in an offer. Any money spent on professional cleaning, new carpets, tradesmen, etc. will pay big dividends when an offer is made.   Seems daunting, yes? These steps will produce amazing online photos, enticing buyers to visit your property. Follow these steps too to ensure a prospective buyer will have a favorable impression. There is competition out there. To help you sell quickly and get top dollar – that’s why we’ve put this guide together. Just think, you’ll get some early packing done in the process.